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Sunday, February 12, 2012

How To Really Solve the Global Crisis!

The World is under a Global economic crisis to an extent that various Nations, Continents and Nation alliances are on the teeder todder for geopolitical and World wide shifts, but to an extent where once the pendulum swings all Nations on Earth will not dodge a good hit. The game is like a cruel game of musical chairs and when the music stops as all have been posturing, angling, adjusting and shifting, well, at random some will surely hit the floor and all will take a good bruising!

That is why if various Nations on this Earth was wise, well, instead of trying to potentially exploit the situation at risk to potential World War 3, well, instead it maybe wise to see how for once maybe the World can exploit a Global negative and turn it into a Global positive instead!

All Nations and peoples on this Planet needs to serve a meaningful and fruitful purpose and all people are energy with in the realms of heirarchy that has always existed on this Planet and more than likely will always exist well after this World wide crisis expires and comes to an inevitable conclusion. Man seams to always face the cyclical dilemna that occurs where those who are on top are poked at from those below to be replaced and circumvented and for those who are on top, they devise ways to keep those below to stay below and to not position themselves to challenge.

To me that seems to be where we go wrong as man and ofcourse this comes from a person like myself who's been at all teir levels of Society financial heirarchy at different time intervals of my life. It's been interesting to study mans true nature and demeanor and to study all of the different Society and Governmental experiments that have been tried, tested and failed over and over again as well and through the course of conducting such long term research it had occurred to me that we may quite possibly live in a time where maybe the powers that be on this Planet should consider trying out new Society system aparatuses that has never been tried or tested in light of the failures that Marxist principled fascism, Socialism and Communism has presented as well as the imperfections and short comings of Capitalism, Imperialism and Monarchy's too.

What I've come to realize is that no matter where any given "unique" individual maybe with in the context of Society hierarchy the one thing that is certain from almost all human beings is the need for personal expansion. It's human nature really, if anyone was to ask me, it truly is. So then I pondered about what man has done all through out human history and I was quite amazed as to how primitive many of us apears to be, whether we are at the top of heirarchy today, in the middle or at the poverty scale in any given Society. I contemplated the newer theories of human subjegation that really isn't derived from any new premise such as the New World Order of Lord over Surf conceptions and George Orwellian 1984 Surevellance Society's and I began to realize that although modern advanced technology permitts these novel new conceptions to be realized today that in all due essence man will not advance at all as a species until man begins to design a more natural and individual driven conception rather than a false and artificial conception of how to operate a Society in order to allow man to advance and graduate towards harnessing human energy towards positives for once rather than to have such human energies fueled by our negatives, which consequently leads to World Wars, pain, strife and turmoil as repeated all through out human history with little change or progression to our humanity in outpacing our development of technology.

So what I came up with for a new Society concept was new and novel with a focus on equilibrium and balance of our humanity, enough individual incentives for rational persuits of free chosen endevours, respect for all levels of heirarchy and the complete irratication of human poverty to the highest achievable level allowable while not ruining any given "unique" individuals will to still obtain it, should they desire to do so and to direct and channel human energies away from negatives to be applied towards positives instead that will hence allow for human expansion at all levels of the human species heirarchy and thus reduce envious and greed tensions that seems to always culminate in mans over all demeanor through out any given Society.

In an example Society in a Nation State, all citizens 18 or older should be allotted or granted a base line income of $25,000.00 USD a year in 2012 buying power. This baseline income is granted to all citizens regardless if they work or not and for those who do work it is immune to various levels of earnings in never being cancelled. It's not a lot of money and does not encourage citizens to be idle, however it ensures that poverty is not permitted in a Society unless the free individual goes out of their way to achieve it. In granting a base line income all Welfare State entitlements ranging from HUD, to Social Security, to Food Stamps and really anything else imagineable is cancelled to tremendous Society Governmental savings and as a result a renewed commitment to individual liberty is initiated while a Society realizes it that they pay for poverty whether anyone wished it to be there or not and commits to not accepting poverty in Society in general. Fair, equitable and equal justice is applied and granted to all citizens without prejudices or any negative social bearings or adverse conentations.

In tandum, once a Society baseline income is applied the nullification of the 16th and 17th Amendment is applied as well in order to balance out the Federal versus State powers in the USA again. Very prominent and originally defined powers to handle National Defense, foreign affairs, intelligence, National treaties, trade agreements, the Army Corps of Engineers for massive and complex infrastructure projects and the likes are sustained with the Federal Government, but localized and unique social issues, agendas and Society guidelines in the realms of Education, transportation, minor infrastructure, penal systems, commerse and culture as well as much, much more can be handled easily at the State's local Governmental levels.

As a result to such logical Governmental restructuring less fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, foreign manipulations and infaltration is avoided and X50 States begin to perform honest competition amongst each other in restoring any citizens right to vote with their feet again in order to promote more responsible, effective, efficient and less problematic Governance and to promote a clear avenue to improve the standard of living of all Americans there after.

Tax Reformation to return to original Constitutional permissive forms of Federal compensation is returned in allowing a Federal excise tax to be issued and a Federal Corporate tax while no income taxation, estate taxation, capital gains taxation or any other form of Federal taxation is left in tact. As a result to this all citizens pay taxes, but can control how much they pay in taxation by their own free choosing in purchasing decisions that they solely decide upon by themselves.

Naturally speaking and consequently speaking as a result to such an over all National shift in reducing the over all size of Federal Government and the funds necessary to fund it the State's would be required to reform how they do taxation and would naturally in more instances than not be required to increase their taxation to their unique State level size and scope funding needs and would be free to do so and could do so in many various and different ways as their citizens decided to do so via proposals and ballot to vote on how such reformed and new taxation is devised and installed.

As a result to shifting over all Governmental infrastructure organization as a whole the outcome to such a shift would be less poverty, incentives to produce, a restoration of genuine free enterprise, profoundly less corruption, less War fare, higher standards of living, improved Global trade, improvement in Federal and State level Governmental function, renewed trust between citizens and their Government, accountability and a renewal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the USA once again.

As all people in the USA by now can clearly see, there is not much trust between the Government and it's citizens, poverty is at an all time high, the National Misery Index is at an all time high, corruption is wide spread, the National currency is in ruin, the threat of warfare is immensly great, liberties are threatened as never seen before and the potential precibise of Society collapse is brought upon all and is derived from an extremely flawed and broken ideology that disallows any rational common sence to be pursued in Government at any given time and all in all Government has failed all in its current and present form.

If the USA ever expects to save the World, well, she will have to certainly save herself 1st but in tandum should reform the rest of the World to assign meaningful duty's of purpose and meaning that lends to Global peace.

Some of the ideas that could be pursued and installed can be created by decisive actions. The UN should be shut down and replaced by National alligned commissions instead. For example the USA should flat out plunk down quid and armaments to Eastern block European Nations, Isreal, China, South Korea and Japan who can then be challenged to take on the rolls of Global Cops on a military basis. Nuclear Alliances with Russia, France, Uk, Pakistan and India should be organized to maintain, construct and kill nuclear power plants in any Nation in the World while making money off of the commissioned responsibility. Isreal should recieve a tremendous amount of money and military hardware by the USA, but under the condition that they will turn the Palestinian negative into a positive by transforming them instantaneously from a landless vagrant people into the Middle East's Peace Keepers by conscripting many of their willing citizens into a Palestinian Elite military to increase their standard of living and to create a dignified and meaningful purpose to their existence. Lands from Syria and Jordan could be carved up to create a Palestinian State and a unified body of Isreal, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE and Iraq could assemble a body that votes upon and coordinates the Palestian Middle East Peace Keeper mission to ensure balanced and logical procedures and to avoid misuse or abuse in the forces capabilities or functions and to ensure the force best keeps to regional peace purposes.

Space racing with Nations all over the Earth should be pursued and encouraged. Nations should create teams to where a combination of Governmental lotteries of financial awards is made for Private Sector companies to compete and pursue it! National cooperatives should be harnessed as well where various National races ensue! For example: USA, Sweden, India vs Russia, UK, Tawaiin vs China, France, Canada vs Brazil, Australia, South Korea vs Japan, Netherlands, Italy vs Germany, New Zealand, Spain vs. Mexico, Pakistan, Switzerland etc. Categories of competition could be made and prestigious awards given every 3 years to teams who perform the best results!

In conclusion to best balancing out the elimination of poverty, with individual incentives to pursue chosen endevours of personal interests while embracing individual liberties and harnessed human energies aimed at positives rather than negatives, a meaningful purpose(s) for over all Society to allow human expansion at all heirarchy levels for the human race could overcome the past failed Society Governmental experiments and maybe finally best balance the prevailing evils of greed and envy to keep it at bay while sustaining World wide free enterprise and Capitalism in concert to Governmental function. The new vision could very well improve the standard of living for all and propel man into space colonization where all levels of human financial heirarchy could expand together while alleviating the past cyclical and to be expected conflicts that derives from man's greatest evils of envy and greed that consistently leads man to war fare and ruin all through out human history.

When all levels of man expands in peace and harmony then wide spread death, warfare and ruin is averted, but without multi leveled expansion, well, as history has always shown us the inevitable is to be expected then.

By Mike M. Feb. 2012.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Furnace and AC Tune Ups Pay You Back Guaranteed!

Every homeowner should learn the importance to routinely service, clean, test and adjust their heating and cooling appliances on an annual basis by a licensed HVAC contractor or company to ensure that their heating and cooling appliance runs at peak performance and efficiency as advised by heating and cooling manufacturers!A forced air furnace has working components that can wear out to cause expensive parts failures on more expensive parts on the appliance. If a home owner elects to pay a heating and cooling contractor to routinely perform tune ups and cleanings on their furnace these smaller less expensive mechanical problems can be detected early, resolved accordingly to effectively save the home owner money in allowing more expensive parts to last longer, nominal efficiency bumps can be created, safety hazards can be reduced in a likely scenario to become less probable and peace of mind can be created to drastically reduce the likelihood of an unforeseen break down during the winter when a homeowner would least desire the occurrence to occur!A contractor offers periodic $79.00-$99.00 tune up specials (industry retail value: $135.00) in an attempt to expand the company's customer base while delivering a high value to people who explore the advantages and benefits of what a licensed and insured heating and air conditioning contractor can deliver in performing such a service.
A company would deliver the service in a professional manner to deliver the following checks and adjustments when a tune up is performed properly:
#1: Gas leak detection from gas shut off to the furnace is made and if any leaks are discovered the HVAC technician will show the home owner and make the proper recommendations for a safe repair to the home owner.
#2: The run capacitor for the blower motor is tested and replaced at a small additional charge if found to be weak in order to extend the life span of a vastly more expensive blower motor.
#3: Amp Draws are taken on the blower motor to ensure that the motor is running in manufacturer advised ranges to safe guard the motors life span and thus to save the home owner money.
#4: The induced draft motor amp draws are taken.
#5: Flue pipes are inspected to ensure that there are no dangerous defects present to create a dangerous scenario for the home occupants.
#6: Flame sensors are inspected and cleaned if needed.
#7: Ignitors are tested and replaced at a small additional charge if they are proven to be at the end of their service life.
#8: Gas valves are tuned using a manometer to ensure that they are set to proper water column to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.
#9: Older manual thermostats will have their heat anticipators adjusted or a recommendation at an additional cost will be made to replace the thermostat with a programmable digital thermostat.
#10: Combustion Gas Analysis is performed to ensure that the furnace is safely and efficiently operating.
#11: Limit switches are tested to ensure that they are operating safely by manufacturers design and specifications.
#12: The furnace burners and blower compartments are cleaned out of bulk dirt contamination if present.
#13: The furnace filter is inspected and proper filtration recommendations are made by the professional Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician to the home owner.
#14: The heat exchanger is visually inspected and if a dangerous scenario is discovered the HVAC technician will use more extensive testing measures to ensure that the heat exchanger is safe and functioning correctly.
#15: Temperature rise readings are taken to ensure that the furnace is operating at proper temperatures as rated by the respective manufacturer of the heating appliance, which in turns allows the HVAC technician to adjust or not adjust fan speeds accordingly to make sure that the furnace is running at peak performance and efficiency.
#16: The HVAC technician will make proper recommendations to the home owner and answer any comfort questions that the home owner may have about their heating and cooling equipment.
#17: The HVAC technician or heating and cooling professional will also address proper air mixing in the home, brief duct sizing, brief furnace sizing and make appropriate recommendations to cue in the home owner as to if everything is sized correctly, close or is well off!
#18: The furnace pressure switch is tested to ensure that it functions correctly.
#19: All tubes and or belts are inspected to make sure none are worn on the furnace.
#20: All wiring connections are inspected to ensure none are loose, disconnected or are making improper contact to connected spade terminals of the furnaces electronic connection points.
#21: Step down transformers on the furnace is inspected to ensure that it's operating and functioning correctly.
#22: The Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician will inspect high voltage connections to ensure that a reversed polarity occurrence is not present.
#23: The HVAC technician inspecting the furnace will also ensure that the AC coils are clean and free of debree and at an additional charge will offer to professionally clean them if they are discovered dirty to lose tremendous efficiency value, reduce unnecessary costly limit switch life spans on the furnace, create unnecessary odors and to eliminate bacteria that can commonly grow on an AC evaporator coil to potentially assist in making a home owner sick too!
#24: The HVAC technician will also test limit series roll out switches to ensure that no defects are present.
#25: The Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician will also inspect and make sure that flammable substances are not stored near the furnace and advise the homeowner to relocate such substances if they are discovered to be near the furnace during a tune up and cleaning of the furnace.
#26: The HVAC technician will inspect furnace drains, if present, to ensure that they are functioning correctly.
#27: A Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician will also test for spillage to ensure that dangerous flue gases are not back drafting into the home.
#28: The Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician will also inspect control boards and or ignition control modules to ensure that the parts are allowing correct purge cycle sequences of your forced air furnace too.
#29: The HVAC technician will inspect the blower motor lock shaft to ensure that the blower wheel is not loose on the blower shaft. When this is detected at no cost to the home owner the lock shaft is tightened up which in turn saves the expensive blower motor from premature failure!
#30: The Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC technician will also check over the HVAC system and make sealing recommendations to the home owner if excessive air leaks are discovered to cause the HVAC to be concerned with efficiency of the HVAC system.
Many heating and air conditioning licensed and insured HVAC companies and contractors offers similar tune ups amongst each other and cleaning services by various Heating and Air Conditioning companies maybe performed differently, but should produce the same results.
Many tenured technicians have an impressive innate ability to whiz through what doesn't immediately arise or pop to their attention while swiftly and effectively zeroing in on what stands out to them. Bare in mind if you performed thousands and thousands of furnace tune ups as many tenured Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC professional has, well, you'd have that same ability to do so yourself as with many other tenured HVAC technicians can do it likewise with other Heating and Air Conditioning service providers too!
After it is all said and done, whether a home owner calls one reputable Licensed and Insured Heating and Cooling Professional on an annual basis to the next, well, in the long run the home owner is going to save a tremendous amount of money by catching the small problems that are less expensive to resolve BEFORE they balloon into a small fortune in a more costly break down, by improving efficiencies on key found furnace adjustments and by cleaning the dirt which accounts for approximately 50% of efficiency loss and in reducing sensitive electronic components from failing prematurely as a result! Home owners who routinely have their furnaces tuned, cleaned, adjusted with preventative maintenance on worn furnace components ALWAYS saves vastly more money in the long run than the home owners who neglect to maintain and service their expensive heating and cooling equipment, guaranteed!So after reading this article, make sure you call and schedule your heating and air conditioning professionals of choice today, but make sure they are licensed, insured, possesses a great record with the BBB and or Angie's List and that the companies sustains themselves as a reputable, trusted and relevant HVAC business and you won't regret it at all in the long run. You will stay warm, comfortable, pay the best utility bill as possible and off set costly and untimely winter break downs too!
By: Mike M. Written December 6th, 2001

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Death of Delusion in America!

Is there going to be a new World? Yes. Is everyone gonna just live on the Plantation and chew on some free gummy bears and lollipops for ever and ever as the Regressive Progressives always dreamed about as their grandest and greatest dream come true while all of the supposed little people would bow to them and chant that they are not worthy year in and year out for ever and ever too? No.
Okay, so what will the new World look like then after Trillions upon Trillions of dollars was spent to construct a Plantation that none of the normal people wanted to live on? Well, we will probably see currencies World wide go insolvent while Nations all over the World scramble to pile up as much Gold as possible for the inevitable reformations that will come soon AND we will probably witness a profound Conservative political assendency occur in the elections of 2012, which will result in U.S. Federal government down sizing as not seen since after WW2, we will witness the Democratic Party imploding into itself with Party platform changes occuring there after too.
The American people were in fact briefly tricked in the elections of 2008 coming off of an economic high that lasted longer than ever before when Reaganomics was changed little by either Party, but with Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae being funded from the fruits of such long term prosperity, well, America's most deranged Leftists were working hard to undo the good times that Reagan's people created by allowing people with low credit scores to purchase homes with no down payment at all and thus the delusional Marxist Democrats discovered as to why their credit scores were so low when many, many of them wouldn't pay their mortgages on time or at all, which in turn created the housing bubble burst of 2008.
Now ofcourse the delusional Marxist media has spent thousands of hours of time disregarding the sources of the problems created and instead has focussed on telling the derivative story, the subprime bonanza AND the foolish CDO investments sold as a result of Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae getting to do what they wanted to do with the protection of the Federal Government at their sail, considering to the fact that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are Federal Corporations, which means they are a quasi entity of the utmost stupidity ever imagined by man kind, because they operate similar to a normal Corporation, BUT they're not held to any rational market place standards as one because of the obvious Governmental dynamic that exists for them. So in more instances than not, well, the far left radical lunatic elements of American Society has already begone what they do best, which is ofcourse to miss the greatest point to any story, which is the source or the plot and with manipulative distraction they have proceeded to ignore and disregard reality again and instead future generations will just focus in on the details that derived from one of mans greatest economic stupidities ever devised AND exclusively created by the Regressive Progressive movement that is on the precibise of destruction by it's own means, know how and brilliant engenuity of perpetual stupidity. With a little luck though, articles like this one will slip out for future researchers to get through the delusional Marxist Regressive Progressive manipulations and real events, real numbers and real policies will be reviewed to the lead up of everything that the manipulative and delusional Marxist media has put out there to find the truth!
So in conclusion, well, I'll tell you that most of the normal people who comprises the super majority of American thought in American Society is not tricked by the Marxists what so ever at all. They did catch everyone off guard when the housing bubble burst that they created in 2008 occurred, they did, because their policies ruined millions upon millions of American lives, but because of all the free time that the normal people has had from the Marxist Regressive Progressive sure fired economic stupidity, well, millions upon millions of Americans have performed careful study, back tracked and have discovered the truth EVEN while till this very day the delusional Marxist Regressive Progressives have spent most of their time trying to dilute the truth and trying to muddy up the waters on what the real truth is. So in essence most of all of the delusional Marxist Regressive Progressives will just be fired in November of 2012, so that way the American people can install sane people into the Federal Government to begin the long and pain staking task of reversing most of everything that the delusional Marxist Regressive Progressives have done over the course of some 100 years. America may very well be stuck with some Progressive policies as a World super power in regards to some foreign affairs policies, as a Nation that can have the ability to deter WW3 with all of the advanced military technology, tactics and strategies that the USA's military possesses, however the welfare State, the deranged economics that Marxists have interjected into successful economics that past Libertarians and Conservatives have installed will inadvertently be drastically reformed while new currencies are issued and while a bit extra of American Energy Independence is deployed to stabalize the delusional train wreck of maximum economic stupidity deployed by the Marxist Regressive Progressives in the USA.
But from speaking with many, many normal people in the USA, well, I have discovered that they know that the firmly convicted and deeply believing Marxist Regressive Progressives in the USA really do possess a mental disorder of the highest Society calibur and now that all of the normal people in the USA has recieved the opportunity to see the results of their policies deeply applied into American Society, well, the election results for 2012 are pretty easy to see EVEN right now, which is ofcourse the Regressive Progressive movement being removed out of political power Nation wide and to just be out of the game for atleast a 25 year period for all of the economic chaos that the movement has created. It will also take like 15 years to get the Nations children to not be taught to be dumb anymore too and it's gonna take some time to get people to learn how to believe in themselves too. It was a grand, long term Society brain washing scheme that only turned out to be a grand Society ponzi scheme in the end, but the good news is that the normal people in American Society is wising up. Some of the deeply convicted Marxist Regressive Progressives in American Society are just a lost cause, yup, they're brain washed beyond the point of no return what so ever at all. You can even see the lunatic, high strung and razzed looks of facial expressions on their faces that Debbie Shultz and Nancy Pelosi does all the time. It's almost like a perpetual perma stuck bit of body language that will unfortunately never leave their poor souls as they walk on this Earth, but with aside from those most extreme examples of the mental disorder that the Marxist Regressive Progressive movement has created over some generations in America, well, they are ofcourse are just the exception to American Society and are not the rule to American Society at all, thank goodness!
So in the end the American people will have to take their lumps to some degree, they will learn about how it's not a good idea to just get free gummy bears and lollipops for ever and ever at the cost of high taxation and liberty theft and instead will have to focus on creating a Society that is fair for people to take a shot at their dreams, to be a Nation of Laws, to not do delusional "Social Justice", but instead to embrace "Equal Justice" instead and to do a better job in helping people, help themselves while embracing individuality over ebracing a Society of really stupid people stuck on the Equal Opportunity Slave Master Plantation instead!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hope of No Change.

They were short of breathe in the old country,
The mind in seek of space to wander.
So set sail the people of a crowded land,
To the new land in mind, of plenty.

These old people in a place of new
Could breathe with new people in song, in sight and in
spirit of their old place with space and view.

It was the old world meeting the new.

Relinquish, renewal, lost and gain,
Sharing, learning, stolen and pain.

Boundaries were set, cities were founded,
Many men were freed, many moved and still others enslaved.

But through the old problematic quandary arose a miracle born through the carbon smoke to cast a destructive light and a speeding bullet resembling mans eventual improved evolution and maybe, salvation...

An intellectual awakening emerged out of the darkness and she read:

God, Liberty and E. Pluribus Unum.

The documents were drafted with a deep understanding that mans biggest enemy is from with in and so therefore a Constitution was made to challenge an imperfect people of it's time and tomorrow's imperfect people to evolve into a better image.

Oh ponder the photograph before the camera was made.

Imagination, innovation and reflection.

Men who are not free should be.
Men who have no land should see.
Men who make it to the Mountains peek,
Should grant valleys of hope to his lands people who dream,
set a side it's cyclical inception is a society of people who are free to do things.

So she read again: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness,

but yet many could never find such elusive happiness,
and maybe they never will.

But through the continued evolution,
one would have to ask;

Are my chances greater to find the elusive happiness,
When I'm free to seek it or would it be better to be condemned at never even gaining a chance?

So thus, the pursuit and evolution continues,
And we the People certainly HOPE that from WITH IN this,
There shall not be any CHANGE.

By: Mike M.
January 15th, 2011.